Merry & Bright

December 29, 2017

Every holiday, I am the official pie maker. My sister will make a killer cheesecake or some other treat. My daughter has become the official cookie queen. But I am and have been for many years, the pie maker.

One year I made six different kinds. I was spoiling my stepdad who loved sweets. I fixed him up good that year!

This year I made a new one for me. I had some cranberries in the fridge and wanted to incorporate them in a pie, which I had never made before. A quick google search brought me to a lovely recipe on Bon Appétite for a cranberry pie. Perfect!

I totally loved how they made the crust. So good. I have to confess, I am not the best at pie crusts and have supported the ready-made pie crust industry well over the years. But this one was different for me and came out wonderfully.

The filling called for blueberries and raspberries which I thought sounded so good and I liked that the cranberries were more plentiful so you still had that nice tart taste. The egg wash on the crust was, I'll admit, new for me. I cannot say I've ever made a pie and washed the crust with a beaten egg before. I love the look. Looks totally like a legit diner pie.

I sliced up a thick slab, added some fresh homemade sweetened whipped cream like my mom used to make, poured a fresh cuppa and dug in.

So merry & bright!



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