My Other Coworker Makes Some Killer Cheese

March 1, 2017

I work with a man who came from Bosnia. He's a sweetheart and has a sweet family. I always end up sitting with he and his wife at the Christmas party.


He lives with his wife, two kids and his mother.  His mother is a master cheese maker. She makes batches of what I call Farmer's Cheese every year and he sells it at work for $15 each. It's worth every penny. It's strong, but not over-bearing. Salty, but not too much so. But what I like about it the best is the way it looks. It's chunky and has this wonderful texture. When you break it apart, it stays in these great chunks that are perfect for popping in your mouth.

So before I devoured this piece all on my own, I decided I had to photograph it in my studio. So I set up this little tableau and shot away. I love how the white pops on the black background and the red accents of the pickled beats compliment the creamy texture perfectly.


Good. Stuff.

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