Hello! I'm Lisa Nichols. I'm the face behind Right Click Photo+Design.


I'm a Vermont native, + life-long New England state-hopper. I attended college at Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine, lived in Dover, New Hampshire for a little while + have called Connecticut home for the last 25 years.

I think I was born a photographer. I knew even before I held a camera that I wanted to be one. Seriously, no joke. I went to college to major in photography, but my family couldn't afford to buy me a camera my freshman year. I took pottery the first year to get through until I got my very first Pentax K-1000. I miss that old work-horse...

Attending Maine College of Art, I gained a fine art background. Not only did I learn about the technology of photography, but also about art history, composition, color theory + more. I keep that with me + know it influences my work heavily. 

For years I did not think I would be a commercial photographer because of my fine art background. My work at this time consisted of studying my family + the subtle visual, unspoken relationships that exist between people. I've always been drawn to street photography + the pulse of the streets. I continue to study this line of work + have an endless curiosity about people + our place in our environment. 

In 2009, I went back to school to study graphic design. I've always responded to design, especially in packaging + publication design. A dream was to design a cookbook (a dream that is coming true as we speak!) or to work on a magazine combining images + type to create beautiful layouts. I got to realize that dream in the summer of 2015 when I was hired to launch Connecticut Food & Farm Magazine. I stumbled upon the opportunity + throughly enjoyed creating layouts with the images + text provided to me by it's talented photographers + writers. I also became a contributing photographer in 2016 + just recently got the coveted cover image for the Spring 2018 issue.

Because I love photography + design, I decided to launch my own business in 2015 combining the two. At times I've tried to pick between them, but found it too much of a Sophie's Choice to even go there.  I have a deep passion for capturing beauty in all forms. In a plate of beautifully prepared food, a finely crafted drink, an artisan popcorn farmer, a wedding celebration or newborn baby. I want to capture beauty in all it's forms, wherever it presents itself. Design offers the opportunity to combine conveying a message through type + images, illustrations and color. Photography offers the chance to capture the beauty in the world + what we create. 

I would love to work with businesses + individuals to help promote what they make, do or offer. I would love to work with families + individuals to capture the milestone moments in their lives. 

That's why I ask...What can we create today?

Contact me at: lisa@rightclickphoto.com or 203.903.8722